Checklist of supplies you need for South Dakota pheasant hunting

Don’t Overlook the Small Stuff.

What makes the ultimate pheasant hunting lodge & best pheasant hunt?

The weather in South Dakota can be extremely unpredictable and varied. When you think of fall in this state one might think of temperatures from 40-60 degrees. But commonly you’ll see things far different than what you expected. South Dakota pheasant hunting in mid-October on the prairie has seen the extremes of major snowstorms, like the one in 1996 and health-threatening ninety degree heat experienced in 2003. December hunting records a weather history almost as contrasting. Sun, rain, snow, heat, and cold – we will be hunting. Dress in layers with moisture wicking synthetics and/or wool. Wind and rain is conquered with outer clothing lined with Gor-Tex. Dress also for safety; be liberal in your use of blaze orange.

It is important to know that South Dakota pheasant hunting involves a lot of walking. Dakota River Ranch provides transportation throughout the various hunting locations within our 10,000 acres, but once you arrive at the day’s hunting destination, you can expect to walk to reap the rewards of a successful hunt. We encourage you to be well prepared with proper walking shoes and clothing. Pay special attention to footwear.

Did you see our Safety Tips?

Pheasant Hunting Supply Checklist:

  • Quality waterproof upland boots
  • Strong, Comfortable boots (waterproof is best), two pair – “spare laces.” (boot dryers available at bunkhouse)
  • Waterproof coat and pants – Gore-Tex or Omni Tech shells are ideal.
  • Orange Hunting Vest
  • Safety glasses
  • Polar or Micro-fleece tops
  • Polyprop singlet or Micro-fleece T-shirts
  • Shorts and Polyprop or smart wool long johns.
  • Dri-back” fleece trousers – jeans get wet and stay wet
  • Briar proof trousers and/or chaps
  • Socks – Polyprop/Smart Wool and “Comfortable.”*
  • Orange Hat, leather gloves, neck warmer or balaclava.
  • Complete changes of dry, comfortable, warm clothing
  • Personal items including meds
  • Earplugs or other hearing protection (if needed)
  • Camera
  • Shotgun, we strongly urge 12 gauge for wild birds

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