Pheasant Hunting

Why South Dakota pheasant hunting is so popular

South Dakota is known world wide for pheasant hunting and has dubbed itself “The Pheasant Capital of the World”, but not unfairly so since over the last several years, more pheasants are harvested in South Dakota than any other of the leading pheasant hunting states according to Live Outdoors.

The plains states have the largest population of birds in the country and South Dakota continues to lead the pack. This popularity is seen by leaders in other states who want to attract hunters those hunters. Without the high pheasant population South Dakota boasts, the desire to steal the hunters likely won’t come to fruition. Dakota River Ranch loves their hunters and treats them well. And those hunters love South Dakota and Dakota River Ranch pheasant hunting.

Your Pheasant hunt will take place on a privately owned, fifth-generation farmstead with over 10,000 acres of land that has been intensely managed for all types of wildlife with CRP, food plots, wetlands and standing crops.

The hunting service is operated by traditional huntsmen and professional trained dogs that have been in the fields hundreds of times; the knowledge that they have is spectacular to watch. These huntsmen select the hunting area each day based on their knowledge of local habitat, weather conditions and surrounding hunting pressure, to insure plenty of opportunities for a successful hunt. So, whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman who is used to the rigors of walking cattail sloughs or an occasional hunter who prefers less challenging terrain, we can accommodate your preference.

You will hunt in the traditional upland manner, slowly moving through the coverts of corn, grass, shelter belts and marsh hay. The professionally trained dogs will find, flush, and retrieve pheasants. Blockers will keep the running birds in the cover until the drive is nearly complete. The end-of-the-field final flush excites all! You’ll end the day at our comfortable, unique, and homey pheasant hunting lodge.

In addition to pheasant hunting you can also add a waterfowl package for goose and duck hunting or book a deer hunt along with your pheasant hunt.

For more information on pheasant hunting you can go to the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks pheasant hunting page.

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